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How to make your own natural confetti

Back view of bridal with petal confetti falling and bouquet

Most couples have a confetti shot on their wedding photo wish list. There certainly is something magical about it after all. However it can be a bit of a hidden expense .

Making your own confetti can be a money saving, and sentimental, solution as I mentioned it in the blog post Budget Friendly Options for your Wedding.

Though it can be a bit time consuming it's worth it in the end and actually the time spent 'doing' is minimal.

The end of spring/start of summer is a perfect time to start building your collection. You can collect from gardens, grow specifically and deconstruct from any flowers you buy for home. You can also ask friends and family to do the same.

Bright Pink multi petal bush flowers


Start by collecting your petals. This can be done while in bloom or just as they start to wilt or dry out. If you are collecting roses that haven't opened you'll need to spend some time peeling them. It's impossible to separate them after and they will probably rot rather than dry.


Place your petals in a large bowl. Don't put too many in at once. You want to let the air to be able to move around them to ensure they dry out as evenly as possible.

Pink petals drying in blue bowl


Place the bowl in a warm spot to dry. In front of a window or above a boiler is perfect. I like to hide mine above the boiler as it's in a cupboard and hidden away. This can affect the colour though.


If you have quite a few petals in the bowl you'll need to give them a little stir once every day or two. This will help them to

dry out evenly and balance colour.

Dried petals in zip lock bag


Once dry gentle separate any that have stuck together in places. Do this by gently running your fingers through the bowl. Anything too hard handed or over enthusiastic will cause them to chip or crumble.


Finally pop them in a zip lock bag or container and stash away before moving onto the next batch.


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