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Speech Coaching

Speech coaching sessions are designed to help you write or deliver your speech and can be adapted to suit any form of public speaking. These have been utilised by those suffering from interview and presentation stress. 

Best Man Speech

Speech Writing

For those who have no idea where to start with writing their speech. Suitable for Brides, Grooms, Best Men and Women, Mums and Dads. Not suitable for the town crier!

During our online sessions I will gain a sense of your stories and relationship with the couple as well as how you would like the speech received. You can be as involved as you would like and are welcome to make any  changes. Once the speech is completed we will focus our attention on tweaking it to ensure it sounds like your voice and style. 

Wedding Speech

Speech Delivery Coaching

Designed for those who simply dread speaking in public. Suitable for complete novices or those who are a little rusty and need a polish.

We will spend time looking at the shape and technical delivery of your speech as well as useful tips for working with microphones or open spaces etc. Time will also be spent working with techniques to cope with anxieties before and during the speech. 

Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony Delivery Coaching

For those delivering the ceremony who would like to gain confidence and understanding of performance and relaxation techniques.

During these online sessions we will focus on the journey of the ceremony, how to refocus the guests, necessary pauses and dealing with any nerves or mishaps. 

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