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Will we be legally Marriage?


Sadly, at present, celebrant ceremonies are not legally binding in the UK. This means that you would need to register your marriage separately, in the same way you would a birth or death. Don’t worry, I can guide you through the steps required to get the legalities sorted.


Where can we get married?


Anywhere! Unlike ceremonies conducted by a religious head or registrar (who will only legally marry you in an approved venue) a celebrant ceremony can take place anywhere you choose.


What happens after the free consultation?


It’s up to you. Some couples reach out before they have set a date or venue so it can make sense to leave booking until these choices are made. If this is the case we can agree a good time to touch base again.


How soon should we book a service?


As soon as possible, and that really goes for anything wedding related. A lot of services are booked up years in advance and I only take on a limited number of clients to ensure that everyone receives the attention they deserve for such an important event.


Can we 'Save the Date' with you?


Yes. I can hold a date for two weeks and the charge is a non-refundable £50. If you decide to go ahead then that is deducted from your final invoice. 


Are there any restrictions to a celebrant service?


None – you really can have what you want. People often turn to a celebrant when they do not exclusively assigned themselves to one religion or culture, or they are wanting to combine elements from multiple traditions. What’s important is that your ceremony reflects your relationship and your union.


What happens if you are sick on the day?


Should this ever happen, and it would have to be pretty drastic to stop me from being there, I have a number of experienced contacts I trust to deliver the ceremony to an excellent standard.

What will you wear as a celebrant?


This is NOT a silly question. It’s important that I fit in with your style of ceremony and feel like part of the furniture. We’ll discuss if you have any particular vetoes or requests!


What doesn’t your pricing include?


The only thing not included is, where necessary, travel and accommodation. I’m rather low key so if this is a requirement it will be discussed with you long before the day. No one wants any surprise expenses.


What areas do you cover?


As a Celebrant I cover most of Sussex and London; Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Arundel, Chichester etc. I am happy to discuss other locations within the UK and abroad. Any travel or accommodation expenses would be discussed at the time of booking.


All other services can take place online unless agreed prior.


Will you run my wedding on the day?


Generally, due to my other commitments, this isn’t a service I offer but I am always happy to discuss it. I also have a huge pool of events managers who would be happy to run the wedding on the day should I not be able to.


Can I book you for multiple services?


Yes! My only red flag would be that should I be running your wedding on the day you may want to consider having an extra pair of hands if I am also conducting the ceremony. I am able to provide additional staffing at a fee. 

Can I organise my wedding myself?


Of course you can! The benefit of using the wedding planner package is peace of mind in the knowledge that everything has been considered and organised in good time. It removes a lot of the wedding stresses of trying to balance life, work, children, a relationship AND organise a wedding. It helps to keep a focus on budget and stands as an impartial sounding board with years of experience and bundles of wedding advice!


Unlike other wedding planners, I am not there to take over, but to keep you on track and problem solve your wedding planning process. I’m basically a buddy without the bias!

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