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Budget Friendly Options for your Wedding

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Weddings can be one of the most expensive days of your life. At Uniquely You Ceremonies I focus on options to suit your budget whatever its size. Smaller budgets shouldn't mean you have to compromise on style or what's important to you.

Here are my budget friendly options for some of those unexpected big expenses that can come hand-in-hand with weddings.

Use your Friends Skills

Naked wedding cake on quirky white duck head cake stand and simple roses on top

You may be surprised at what your friends can do! From making the cake to decorating the room or arranging flowers. Friends and family will likely feel excited and grateful to be able to help and it's a beautiful way to keep your wedding feeling personal.

Set aside some time to have a focused conversation about what you would like and what they are comfortable doing to avoid any stress or disappointment.

Hire or Grow your Flowers

Long wedding table with vintage glasses, teal candles and berry coloured flowers

Silk flowers are on the up. Although initially this may not seem very environmentally friendly, hiring silk flowers saves a lot of waste and money. These days silk flowers are more realistic than ever and there is a huge range available meaning you're not paying a premium if you want out of season flowers.

Another option is to grow your own. Do your research first to ensure they are due to bloom around your wedding date. This option is particularly favourable if you are leaning towards an eclectic wild flower look as they are easy to grow in vast numbers. Top Tip; Grow more than you think you'll need.

Make your own confetti

Confetti shot of bride and groom walking through the wedding party

Flower petals are a big trend for confetti these days. Thank goodness, as rice being hurled into ones face has never much appealed!

Confetti for 100 guests is in the region of £150, depending on what you go for. Making your own confetti by drying your own flowers during the planning phase is an easy, albeit time consuming, budget saving option.

You don't need to do anything special, just pop a few in a bowl and leave them somewhere warm to dry out. Store in a seal lock bag and repeat! Top Tip; Ask friends and family to do the same.


Spray of twigs with berries in simple glass blue vase

Don't be afraid to borrow. If a friend or family member has something that fits perfectly with your style ask if they would be happy to loan it to you for the day.

Your something 'Old, New, Borrowed and Blue' doesn't have to be limited to your wedding attire. Why not try expanding it to things you'll use throughout the day. This could be anything from centre pieces to a pocket mirror to check your make-up.

Raid the Second Hand Shops

Person holding a box of folded clothes with 'donation' written on the front in pen

You'll be surprise at what you can find in a second hand shop. One couple wanted their centre pieces to be collections of different coloured glass to hold tea lights. In the year running up to the wedding, and a little patience, they found most of their pieces for £1 each! The end result was a beautiful collection of colour from all eras.

Set a Colour for the bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Groomsmen lined up in a row, wearing different coloured suits, with arms folded

If you are having bridesmaids and Groomsmen why not set a colour rather than buying or hiring individual suits. Let's be honest, while it's an honour to be asked what we'll be requested to wear can be dread inducing.

Most men will own a black or blue suit they feel comfortable in and you can always add a matching tie or pocket square to unify their look. Likewise for bridesmaids, a little black dress can be an elegant option.

Off the Rack Wedding Dresses

I know that for some this will be unthinkable but when you consider that the majority of wedding dress retailers, regardless of their price point, simply order in the size closest to your measurements buying off the rack may not be as boring as you think.

Many high street and online stores now offer a bridal, or similar, range. Companies such as WED2B work on a model of buying on the day and have a huge range of dresses in stock.

Designer dress sample sales are regularly available in most major cities, offering their end of season and samples at a fraction of their retail price. The beautiful designs of Charlie Brear offer an excellent wedding dress sample sale experience; with sales advisors on hand, try ons allowed and an alterations advisor.

Chicmi offer a newsletter of sample sales within big cities around the UK. You can guarantee there will always be a few bridal options on there each month. Keep in mind that some designers will charge an appointment fee for early stock and that its unlikely they will accept returns if you change your mind.

Honeymoon Gift List

Tropical beach with 2 wooden sun loungers facing the sea and mountain, straw umbrella

It's fairly common for us to be living in sin before we tie the knot these days and the request for money rather than a fancy gravy boat is fairly standard. Despite this some guests still find it a little offensive to be so bluntly asked for cash.

With the cost of the wedding itself adding on a honeymoon can be a bit unrealistic for some couples. Requesting contributions for your honeymoon can be tastefully managed through sites such a Prezola where you can list different amounts and what they are for. The balance is then withdrawn to your bank account. Even if you list £100 for a champagne breakfast you don't actually have to spend it on that!

Pre-buy your Alcohol

Bottles of wine with vintage coupe champagne glasses in low warm lighting

Buying your breakfast wine during promotional offers can save you hundreds. Look out for Christmas or seasonal deals in supermarkets and online retailers such as Naked wines.

Top Tip; Check that your venue will allow you to supply your own alcohol first, and if there is a corkage charge involved if you do.


Woman's hands wearing engagement ring putting together shades of pink wedding stationary

Sending your invites electronically saves postage, time and a lot of chasing for RSVPs.

Paperless post has plenty of templates that can be adapted for your style as well as an option to upload your own design.

If you are using your own design it's worth getting a handful of invites printed for those who would appreciate the keepsake or aren't computer savvy. Invite websites will also track who has rsvp'd and allow you to send follow up messages to guests.

Big Love

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