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How to Make Your Wedding Kid friendly

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

More and more weddings are welcoming little people to join in the celebrations. Kids are great at getting the grown-ups stuck in - particularly on the dance floor. But how can you keep the young ones included without it turning into the focus of the day, or having to play Baby Shark on a loop?

Before you make any decisions think of your invite list. Many cases of 'kids included' increase your guests by a third. So consider if you just want the children of family and/or close friends.

What are the ages? Theres a big difference between 8 and 12 years old at that time of our lives. Naturally the span of ages will influence how to ensure they feel welcome on the day.

Bouncy Castle

Groom bouncing on decorated white bouncy castle with flower girl climbing on and bride reaching up

Suitable for all ages, and the grown-ups can still enjoy it way into the night! You don't have to choose one with fish or princess on if you don't want to. A very wedding inspired option is the simple white bouncy castle.

Prices as of this date were in the region of £150 - £200.

Girl and boy playing with plastic elephants and zebras

Activity Table

Load up a table with puzzles,colouring in and games. Anything arts and crafts is a good choice as the older children can get involved with helping the littlies. Avoid anything with small pieces which could be deemed a chock hazard.

Boy laying down in large green and grey soft play

Soft play area

If you have an outdoors space, and good weather, why not hire in some soft play? This can be cordoned off with playpen 'fencing' and can be covered by a gazebo type covering if natural shade isn't available.

Outside Games

Twister? Ribbon Sticks? Giant Connect four? These are easy to pick-up yourself and the smaller items are great for favours. You could also look to hire larger games for the day.

If you are looking to buy ask the venue if the couple before your wedding are having anything similar they'd like to leave there on or sell on to you.

Woman in Multi coloured stripy dress painting the face of girl holding a balloon flower

Hired Entertainment

A clown is an option, though sometimes terrifying (N.B. Do not include red balloons unless its a halloween Wedding). Others are the classic magician or face painting. Anything messy normally attracts a lot of attention but may not be met with much zest from the parents. That said, Pottery Painting sessions have a degree of controlled mess and can be sent on afterwards as a keepsake.

Wedding Favours

Even if you have passed on wedding favours overall having some for the children is a great way to keep them entertained. You can tailor them to the individual, such as colouring set, sensory toy or a pack of top trumps.

Chill out area

These work brilliantly for older kids. If you have an area you can cordon off or set aside setting up some bean bags, board game, sweet kart and a games console (retro Mario anyone?) will happily keep them entertained, and your wedding will likely be deemed 'cool' by the audience!

Live Jazz band with Saxophone, Double Bass and singer in blue dress.

Let them play DJ

Get them involved before the wedding even starts but asking them to choose a song or two. This way you can avoid any repeat requests and get their choices on earlier in the evening when then can enjoy them the most.

Consider getting help in

You may want to reach out to a baby sitter or two to oversee things. Not all children but an area such as the bouncy castle or activity table.

Kiddie consideration is just one element of Uniquely You Ceremonies wedding planning packages. For more information visit the webpage or get in touch here.

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