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Uniquely You Ceremonies 

Welcome to Uniquely You Ceremonies - you're in safe hands!

'You should have whatever you want, it's your wedding'!


If you haven't heard this yet, the chances are you will. A lot! The sad truth is you can have whatever you want BUT only as long as it fits into what the speaker thinks is wedding appropriate. 

When I was planning my wedding in 2017 I was overwhelmed by how impersonal and restrictive certain ceremonies could be. I hadn’t realised that I could only be ‘married’ in an approved venue, that a registrar could veto our readings, as well as our music and that I wouldn’t actually meet or speak to them until the day it was all happening! It seemed like a lot of money for an impersonal service on what was to be one of the most personal moments of our lives.


I am a Brighton based Celebrant, covering Sussex, London and further afield upon request.  By choosing me as 

your celebrant you will get a ceremony that is as personal and unique as your relationship, and nothing is vetoed. It’s my job to give you the ceremony that you want - even a stormtrooper ceremony.

During a FREE no obligation video chat we’ll talk through where you are with your planning and your thoughts and feelings as to what you would like from your ceremony. Don’t worry if you have no idea; I have ways of guiding you through the wedding blur! If you decide we’re a good match (yes it can resemble online dating) then we’ll get the ball rolling with scheduled chats to create a ceremony that is yours and yours alone.

I also offer speech coaching from both a writing and reading perspective and an online wedding planning package. Coming from both a performance (I was an actor) and events background means I am well versed in offering a fully rounded service.  Please get in touch if you'd like to hear more. 

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